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IRS Group

Opportunity for companies

Being part of our group enables you to expand and diversify your service portfolio, optimise your processes and strengthen your market position in the long term.


As the IRS Group, we improve our competitive positions together and ensure the future viability of our companies. We develop efficient administrative and process structures, offer an exceptionally high quality level and make use of synergy potentials which individual companies would not have at their disposal.

Optimised processes and process reliability through

  • continual digitisation
  • extensive centralisation of administrative, purchasing and other processes

Consolidated service portfolio and value proposition

  • flexible capacity management
  • know-how transfer within the network


The IRS Group has regional centres of competence with a network of satellite companies and mobile service teams around each of them. Within this network, our companies offer specialised services that go beyond their own areas of expertise, capacities and regions.

The satellite companies continue to settle up to 80 percent of all claims independently. In case of need, they are backed by:

  • Professional and technical support in the event of specific requirements
  • Additional capacities
  • Centralised logistics services

Moreover, our centres of competence are at the same time training centres, ensuring the centralised supply of future qualified specialists..



Skilled and motivated staff members are a crucial factor for our success in the market. Despite the strong position of our group, the fulfilment of the high requirements of our clients and customers still always depends on the personal commitment of every single staff member.

The IRS Group combines the safety of a large business with the working atmosphere of a medium-sized enterprise, which is highly appreciated by our employees.

We offer:

  • Long-term job security
  • Performance-related, attractive salary models
  • Many career development opportunities
  • Unique vocational and further training opportunities across companies
  • Possibilities of international exchange or national job transfer within the group