Nexa and pierre.dk have come through a major transformation

All lacquer workshops under the pierre.dk group have been implemented by a new lacquer partner. This has been an extremely challenging task, as the conversion has been carried out at more than 50 addresses in Denmark, Sweden and Germany and involved most of our dedicated employees. Today, it is Nexa Autocolor, which supplies paint and non paint to pierre.dk Autolakering A / S.

While the pierre.dk group has been expanding over the past ten years in both Denmark, Sweden and Germany continuously, the company has focused on optimizing the many different processes that make up the backbone of the Group.
One of Pierre.dk’s great forces has always been the ability to manage the Group from a central team, thus ensuring that all workshops and employees are moving in the same direction.
Now, the Group, which is Denmark’s most advanced lacquer industry, has carried out a highly demanding changeover, where you have changed the lacquer supplier in all departments.
Today, it is the renowned company Nexa Autocolor, which supplies lacquer and other relevant products to the more than 50 lacquer workshops under the pierre.dk group.