Lackierzentrum Halle GmbH & Co KG is now a team player of the IRS Group

Setting and implementing quality standards together


The IRS Group continues to successfully expand its network of highly qualified businesses. Since 3 December 2018, Lackierzentrum Halle GmbH & Co KG has been part of the European market leader, making Branch Manager Karl-Heinz Aulbach, who will also be in charge of the management after the takeover, feel perfectly equipped to continue achieving his ultimate corporate goal in the future: the outstanding quality standard of his services. As a competence centre of IRS Karosserie & Lack GmbH, he is in a position to maintain the highest level of automotive engineering at all times, which he considers essential to this commitment. “Whether e-mobility or autonomous driving, we would like to ensure that we can execute all work in keeping with our high quality standards both now and in the future”, Aulbach says.

The standard for this quality is always set by the customer, because whether smart repair or paint work, automotive engineering or body work, the customer’s maximum satisfaction is at the same time the greatest asset of the full-service provider. The business established in 2008 wants to be the first choice not only for the customers, but also for its employees. “Every one of us contributes to realising our jointly defined goals in their specific areas of activity and with their expertise”, Aulbach emphasises. He personally is more involved in claims adjustment, whereas his customers are predominantly taken care of by his staff.

It is this team spirit that he also finds in the IRS Group. “Being part of the group not only opens up important future perspectives for my company, but also offers plenty of direct advantages here and now, for example as regards purchasing”, Aulbach adds. The fact that he need not bother about his succession also secures the company’s future beyond his work. “All for one and one for all is a motto that stands for jointly achieved success, and that is why I’m happy for all of us to take this next step”, he concludes.

Bo Jacobsen, COO B&P of the IRS Group, is also very satisfied with Aulbach’s decision to join the group: “I know that Mr Aulbach and his excellent, highly qualified team will greatly contribute to making the whole group even better and stronger.” Jacobsen adds: “This will benefit both our customers and employees, so it’s an absolute win-win situation for all.”

The IRS Group is Europe’s leading group in the fields of smart repair, body and paint work as well as hail damage repair on vehicle bodies. It offers the full range of services relating to the refurbishment and repair of the body and interior of used, hired, accident-damaged and leased vehicles. At present, more than 1,600 employees work within the group.