Addition to the IRS network: Fink Schadenzentrum in Neustadt

The IRS Group is delighted to be joining forces with Fink GmbH Karosserie + Lack. Fink GmbH will be joining the IRS Group on 1 August 2019, adding to the IRS network in the Rhineland-Palatinate under the name “Fink Schadenzentrum”; the Fink Accident Repair Centre.

Fink Schadenzentrum is run as a family business, now in its 4th generation. Since 1995, Claus Fink has led the company as a sole trader, supported as of 2014 by Alexandra Fink as a manager. Along with his wife Sonja Fink and 14 motivated employees, they make a well-established team! “It was very important to us for the entire team, including the two trainees, to stay together during the takeover by the IRS Group! But that went without saying for the IRS Group” explains Claus Fink, adding, “The IRS Group is making it possible for me and my team to continue to provide our customers with the professional work they have come to expect from us, not just now but in the long term – which is especially important to me.”

Fink Schadenzentrum focuses on high-quality car accident repairs and paintwork, and specialises in claims adjustment related to insurance contracts and leasing companies. The management of Fink GmbH believes that, with modern demands, the only way for the business to reliably stay in operation and face a secure future is to be part of a successful group, such as the IRS Group. Thus, joining forces with the IRS Group was a profitable decision not only for the team, but also for Fink GmbH’s customers.

The IRS Group now has over 100 sites and more than 1,800 employees in Germany, Denmark and Sweden. It is Europe’s leading group in the fields of smart repairs, body or paintwork repairs and hail damage repairs to vehicles’ outer shells.

The IRS network provides the full range of services involving preparing and repairing the bodywork and interior of used cars, hire cars, crash-damaged and lease cars.



New addition to the IRS Group: Fahrzeugklinik in Hattingen near Bochum

The Intelligent Repair Solutions Group has integrated another new business into its network: With effect from 31 July 2019, Fahrzeugklinik GmbH in Hattingen in the Ruhr will join the IRS Group to reinforce IRS’ range of services with its team and know-how.

“Hattingen Schadenzentrum” boasts a 57-strong, knowledgeable and motivated team. “We see ourselves as a community of professionals who are constantly improving in the fields of body, paint and accident damage repairs. The customers and their satisfaction are our top priority”, Branch Manager Thorsten Podlech says about his team.

Brothers Dennis and Thorsten Podlech successfully manage the company in its 3rd generation and attach great importance to transparent and state-of-the-art processes, in addition to customer satisfaction and high-quality work. In line with this approach, they have developed and successfully implemented an advanced order acceptance and processing system. All processes within the modern company are highly efficient and always geared towards improving the quality.

Many features of the successful Hattingen-based business are planned to be adopted without any changes – Thorsten Podlech will remain the Branch Manager of Fahrzeugklinik, which will from now on operate under the name “Hattingen Schadenzentrum”. “We are delighted about the additional know-how gained through the acquisition by the IRS Group, which will enable us to provide even more qualified support to our customers!”, Thorsten Podlech says about the acquisition by the IRS Group, adding: “Our principles, which have been firmly rooted in our corporate philosophy for many years, such as top quality, transparency and continuous process documentation, will continue to be an integral part of our daily work.”

These principles make the company a perfect match for the IRS Group, which aims for quality leadership. “Every single staff member is personally responsible for complying with our high quality standards”, Norbert Dohmen, Managing Director / CEO of Intelligent Repair Solutions Holding GmbH, says.

The IRS Group is represented at more than 100 locations in Germany, Denmark and Sweden and, by acquiring the Hattingen-based business, has now launched its first business in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The IRS Group is Europe’s leading group in the fields of smart repair, body and paint work as well as hail damage repair on vehicle bodies. It offers the full range of services relating to the refurbishment and repair of the body and interior of used, hired, accident-damaged and leased vehicles. At present, more than 1,800 employees work within the group.

Photo: from left to right: Thorsten Podlech, Branch Manager of Hattingen Schadenzentrum; Norbert Dohmen, Managing Director / CEO of Intelligent Repair Solutions Holding GmbH, Dennis Podlech, co-founder of Fahrzeugklinik in Hattingen.


Dinitrol Danmark becomes a member of the pierre.dk group

Dinitrol Danmark became the country’s biggest supplier of rust protection to autodealers and owners via the Dinitrol franchise chain. As from 5 August, the company becomes a member of the pierre.dk group. This Kolding-based paint group, which offers the highest quality on the market within auto painting, will be able to offer the “world’s best rust protection” throughout Denmark as a result of the merger.

 Corrpro A/S owns Dinitrol Danmark, currently the biggest provider of rust protection to autodealers and owners as a franchise chain. As from 5 August, Corrpro A/S and thus Dinitrol Danmark become members of the pierre.dk group, which will be able to offer customers the world’s best rust protection nationwide.

“We are extremely proud that Corrpro A/S has chosen pierre.dk as its future partner within rust protection,” states Bo Jacobsen, CEO of pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.

He looks forward to the pierre.dk group being able to supply the highest quality on the market within auto painting along with rust protection.

“Our market research of the rust protection market showed that the Dinitrol chain’s statement ‘The world’s best rust protection’ is no empty promise. It’s backed up by the best products on the market, which is just as important, and by the best and most professional rust protection centres,” says Jacobsen.


Maintaining a high level

Dinitrol Danmark has been providing quality rust protection for over 50 years via its 67 Dinitrol centres nationwide.

Bjarne Christensen is the main shareholder and Chairman of the board at Corrpro A/S, and states that the market for B2B rust protection is currently undergoing major change.

“Given that situation, we could not wish for a better partner than pierre.dk Autolakering A/S. The group’s experience within the auto painting market clearly shows that it is possible to be successful on the B2B market whilst maintaining a high level of quality and service,” explains Christiensen.


The customer will benefit

That high level of quality and service will be maintained by the engaged and highly skilled team of personnel, all of them are quality-controlled by the DTI – Denmark’s Technological Institute.

Corrpro A/S has developed a specific rust protection concept in Denmark, and supplied products and equipment to the Dinitrol centres. They are also supported within areas such as IT, engineering, production, sales and marketing.

The Dinitrol chain will continue operating in its current form, but will be able to draw on the resources of pierre.dk, which will further boost the high level of service provided by the chain. Corrpro A/S and pierre.dk Autolakering A/S will also integrate their sales and IT activities to the benefit of customers of both businesses.


Optimising internal processes

Corrpro’s skilled and highly-motivated team, headed by Morten Schouboe, Mogens Vestergaard Hansen and Henrik Bergsbo, will also continue to be responsible for rust protection activities.

That means that the Dinitrol centres, their customers, other associates and stakeholders can all expect the same high level of service and engagement from Corrpro personnel.

The merger of pierre.dk and Corrpro will mean that autodealers can buy quality rust protection and auto paint from a single supplier, optimising their administrative procedures even further.



Personnel from pierre.dk Autolakering and Dinitrol. From left: Stefan Hansen, Per Børsting, Henrik Bergsbo, Sven Aage Vad, Morten Schouboe, Mads Blume, Michelle Ljungstrøm, Mogens Hansen, Rasmus Djuurhus and Bjarne Christensen.


 FACTS – Corrpro A/S and Dinitrol:

The Dinitrol story started right back in in 1937 in Gothenburg, when professor Sven Johansson, a surgeon, recognised the need to increase the ability of stainless steel to resist rust. Throughout the 50s and 60s, the concept was extended to the auto industry, and in 1965, Dinitrol entered the Danish market.

The Dinitrol chain now consists of 67 centres nationwide, all franchise-owned.

More details: www.dinitrol.dk.


FACTS – pierre.dk Autolakering A/S:

pierre.dk Autolakering was founded in 1985 by Pierre Legarth. In spring 2016, pierre.dk became a part of the Intelligent Repair Solutions GmbH, which – in addition to its board of directors – has Ufenau Capital Partners as shareholders.

Pierre Legarth is currently chairman of the pierre.dk Group, while Bo Jacobsen is CEO of pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.

The pierre.dk group owns over 50 modern paint shop centres in Denmark and Sweden.

More details: www.pierre.dk.


Further comments:

Contact Bo Jacobsen, CEO, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S. T: +45 3089 0165, E: bo.jacobsen@pierre.dk.


The IRS Group at the 2019 Munich MehrWert Congress

A review of two days full of insights and outlooks in which we presented our industry hands-on and up-close.


pierre.dk has great success with courses in correct assessment

Northern Europe’s largest paint group, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S, has always been at the forefront when it comes to optimizing the paint process. Now, the company has established a further development concept that will make pierre.dk’s customers even stronger and better “dressed up” to carry out correct assessment of insurance claims, which will optimize the repair process for the benefit of the customer, the insurance companies and pierre.dk, since calculation is calculated correctly in a workflow.

The pierre.dk Group has, over the last few decades, expanded considerably in Denmark, Sweden and Germany. One of the reasons why the paint company has succeeded in growing is that there has always been a focus on systematising and optimizing the many different processes, and thereby in cooperation the company’s customers create value for both parties.
Most recently, pierre.dk Autolakering A/S has established its own further development concept at the Group headquarters in Kolding, where courses are regularly run in the correct assessment of insurance claims.



Uwe Artz appointed COO of IRS Group’s Smart Repairs & Hail Division

IRS Group banks on international experience

Rellingen, 1.2.19

In the new year, the IRS Group is making sure to stay firmly on course for success by adding Uwe Artz to its top management. As the COO of Smart Repairs & Hail, the internationally experienced Artz will be responsible for expanding the division and representing it within the holding company.

Having enjoyed considerable success as a member of the executive board of Hertz Rent a Car AG in Switzerland, Regional Director for Central Europe at Belron International Ltd. in the UK and managing director of Carglass Austria GmbH, the 54-year-old sees the European leader as offering ideal scope for his future work. “Just being part of the dynamic company that the IRS Group is today is already good enough reason to take on this new role. I see it as a great honour to be able to help shape the group’s future.” Artz, who has 27 years of management experience, 8 of which were spent abroad, is impressed by the concentrated knowledge and expertise on tap within the group when it comes to repairing and reconditioning vehicles. “But the subject that excites me the most is smart repairs and the challenge of making this field an even more familiar and better-established product on the market”, Artz continues.

As the manager explains, he sees cooperation with his future colleagues in the classic body and paintwork division as a huge opportunity to make the most of the IRS Group’s USP: being able to offer customers everything from a single source. The same applies to the synergies resulting from the group’s structure. “That really makes us unique on the market.” And his goals? Without hesitation, Artz replies: “To unlock and develop existing potential: not only to consolidate our market leadership but also to forge even further ahead with the various teams.” Then, taking a moment to reflect after all, he goes on: “My work has always focused on people. My prime goal is to work with motivated staff to inspire customers.”

Norbert Dohmen, CEO of the IRS Group, has also achieved his goal. “In hiring Uwe Artz, we have gained an expert with proven experience in an international market environment, whose expertise will add many more chapters to the IRS Group’s success story. We are happy to have taken him on and look forward to the results.”

The IRS Group is Europe’s leading association in the fields of smart repairs, body repairs and paintwork, as well as repairing hail damage to vehicles’ outer shells. It provides the full range of services involving preparing and repairing the bodywork and interior of used cars, hire cars, crash-damaged and lease cars. The group currently employs more than 1800 people.



EFFICIENT QUALITY MANAGEMENT: IRS Group successfully certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

Since 28 November 2018, the entire IRS Group has been certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 in the areas of management, shared service, dent removal without paint work, hail damage repair, smart repair, car wrapping, rim refurbishment, rim repair and body & paint. The certificate was issued by inspection company Dekra for the next 3 years and will be monitored on an ongoing basis at regular intervals.

“We are very proud of this certification”, André Kosubek, Quality Management Representative of the IRS Group, says. “It demonstrates that we are perfectly equipped for the present and future requirements and tasks.” After a year full of challenges, such as the integration of the new businesses and the establishment of a functional quality management system, Dekra was able to certify compliance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard for the entire Intelligent Repair Solutions Holding GmbH.

The DIN EN ISO 9001 standard is considered to be the mother of all quality standards and certifies companies for maintaining an efficient quality management (QM) system. The standard also requires a continual improvement process in the QM system, which has to be verified and documented by the respective companies. The international ISO 9001 standard for quality management systems, which has been under revision since 2012, was published in September 2015 in its latest version ISO 9001:2015 to replace version 9001:2008. For this reason, the entire quality management system of the IRS Group was – successfully – audited for compliance with the latest version 9001:2015, making all process steps more traceable and more transparent for the customers.

The certification of the quality management system to ISO 9001 forms the basis for continuously improving the efficiency and quality of work within the IRS Group using a process-oriented approach. With the successful certification, Dekra confirms this commitment of the IRS Group, thereby strengthening the trust of employees, partners and, most importantly, customers in the company.



Lackierzentrum Halle GmbH & Co KG is now a team player of the IRS Group

Setting and implementing quality standards together


The IRS Group continues to successfully expand its network of highly qualified businesses. Since 3 December 2018, Lackierzentrum Halle GmbH & Co KG has been part of the European market leader, making Branch Manager Karl-Heinz Aulbach, who will also be in charge of the management after the takeover, feel perfectly equipped to continue achieving his ultimate corporate goal in the future: the outstanding quality standard of his services. As a competence centre of IRS Karosserie & Lack GmbH, he is in a position to maintain the highest level of automotive engineering at all times, which he considers essential to this commitment. “Whether e-mobility or autonomous driving, we would like to ensure that we can execute all work in keeping with our high quality standards both now and in the future”, Aulbach says.

The standard for this quality is always set by the customer, because whether smart repair or paint work, automotive engineering or body work, the customer’s maximum satisfaction is at the same time the greatest asset of the full-service provider. The business established in 2008 wants to be the first choice not only for the customers, but also for its employees. “Every one of us contributes to realising our jointly defined goals in their specific areas of activity and with their expertise”, Aulbach emphasises. He personally is more involved in claims adjustment, whereas his customers are predominantly taken care of by his staff.

It is this team spirit that he also finds in the IRS Group. “Being part of the group not only opens up important future perspectives for my company, but also offers plenty of direct advantages here and now, for example as regards purchasing”, Aulbach adds. The fact that he need not bother about his succession also secures the company’s future beyond his work. “All for one and one for all is a motto that stands for jointly achieved success, and that is why I’m happy for all of us to take this next step”, he concludes.

Bo Jacobsen, COO B&P of the IRS Group, is also very satisfied with Aulbach’s decision to join the group: “I know that Mr Aulbach and his excellent, highly qualified team will greatly contribute to making the whole group even better and stronger.” Jacobsen adds: “This will benefit both our customers and employees, so it’s an absolute win-win situation for all.”

The IRS Group is Europe’s leading group in the fields of smart repair, body and paint work as well as hail damage repair on vehicle bodies. It offers the full range of services relating to the refurbishment and repair of the body and interior of used, hired, accident-damaged and leased vehicles. At present, more than 1,600 employees work within the group.





Nexa and pierre.dk have come through a major transformation

All lacquer workshops under the pierre.dk group have been implemented by a new lacquer partner. This has been an extremely challenging task, as the conversion has been carried out at more than 50 addresses in Denmark, Sweden and Germany and involved most of our dedicated employees. Today, it is Nexa Autocolor, which supplies paint and non paint to pierre.dk Autolakering A / S.

While the pierre.dk group has been expanding over the past ten years in both Denmark, Sweden and Germany continuously, the company has focused on optimizing the many different processes that make up the backbone of the Group.
One of Pierre.dk’s great forces has always been the ability to manage the Group from a central team, thus ensuring that all workshops and employees are moving in the same direction.
Now, the Group, which is Denmark’s most advanced lacquer industry, has carried out a highly demanding changeover, where you have changed the lacquer supplier in all departments.
Today, it is the renowned company Nexa Autocolor, which supplies lacquer and other relevant products to the more than 50 lacquer workshops under the pierre.dk group.


IRS Karosserie & Lack GmbH adds Nico Hilderink and Bart Bartels to its management team

Efficiency and effectiveness in a team

The IRS Group continues to consistently pursue its strategy, bringing Nico Hilderink and Bart Bartels on board on 20 November this year to join the management team of IRS Karosserie & Lack GmbH as directors.

The well-rehearsed team will be placing a particular focus on the effective integration of new businesses into the group. Moreover, Hilderink and Bartels, in close collaboration with the branch managers, will be deeply involved in the continuous improvement of quality and the associated standardisation of processes in the individual body and paint shops. “We are very experienced at making businesses more successful and the opportunity of contributing more directly to future success and being part of it is very exciting for us “, Hilderink says. Bartels adds: “In addition, we already have experience with accompanying businesses on their way to joining the IRS Group, so we feel very much at home.”

It is their many years of international experience in the fields of workshop optimisation, claims management and group building which the IRS Group will benefit from the most, especially in its present phase of dynamic growth. “Innovative thinking, consistent action and joint progress are our maxims “, Hilderink explains. For more than 20 years, the names of Hilderink and Bartels have not only been well known as a team, but have also become synonymous with efficiency and effectiveness in the industry.

Norbert Dohmen, CEO of the IRS Group is also aware of that: “We are characterised by a strong team spirit, which is a key element of our success, because the more we work together as a team, the more we can achieve.” Dohmen adds: “Having Hilderink and Bartels on board as a team is simply a great asset for the already excellent management team of IRS Karosserie & Lack, for every single one of our businesses and for the whole group.”

In response to the question of whether they have a personal motto, Hilderink says “Lean & Smart” and Bartels “Short & Crisp”, adding: “Efficiency and effectiveness are our top priority in everything we do.” Evidently with great success.

The IRS Group is Europe’s leading group in the fields of smart repair, body and paint work as well as hail damage repair on vehicle bodies. It offers the full range of services relating to the refurbishment and repair of the body and interior of used, hired, accident-damaged and leased vehicles. At present, more than 1,600 employees work within the group.