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IRS Group

Guiding principle

Our guiding principle is based on our vision, our mission and our strategy.

We guarantee quality

We aim for quality leadership. Therefore, we are obliged to carry out all work in a strictly workmanlike manner in all lines of business. Each staff member is personally responsible for complying with our high quality standards.

We guarantee adherence to deadlines

Besides quality, promptness and reliability are essential factors for long-term customer satisfaction. Therefore, we always keep agreed deadlines without any exceptions and gear all our efforts towards meeting the high expectations of our clients and customers.

We guarantee fair prices

A fair price level for our services makes us attractive for our clients and customers. Therefore, we calculate our prices based on the actual effort needed and the services actually rendered, and always offer our customers the most beneficial solution for their specific needs.

We take responsibility for each other

Each staff member is personally responsible for their fields of work and action – and thus also for the company employing them as well as the entire group.

As a group, we are responsible for the careful handling of our human and technical resources, for ensuring the promotion and advancement of our employees, for improving the efficiency of our processes and for using the most environmentally friendly technologies.

This all-encompassing sense of responsibility – on a both large and small scale – guarantees strong working relationships within the group and reflects our team spirit.

We take responsibility for the environment

Combining economic and ecological sustainability is firmly embedded in our corporate policy and is an integral part of how we think and act – at all levels of management and action.

The companies of our group meet stringent technical requirements for the respectful handling of natural resources and all statutory standards of environmental protection. All staff members are obliged to strictly gear all processes and individual process steps towards meeting these requirements and standards.

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The Code of Conduct

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