pierre.dk takes over another paint center in Sweden

Skene Lackeringsverkstad AB, located 35 kilometers south of Borås in Sweden, has just become part of the pierre.dk group. The acquisition contributes to positioning Pierre Billackering AB as one of the largest players in the Swedish market.

The pierre.dk group has just taken over Skene Lackeringsverkstad AB. The Lakcentret is located in the town of Skene, which is located just 35 kilometers south of Borås, where Pierre Billackering AB is already represented.


The pierre.dk Group is expanding further in Sweden

The Kolding Group Pierre.dk Autolakering A/S has again been in procurement in Sweden, where it has taken over Järfälla Billackering AB, located on the northwest outskirts of Stockholm. Thus, the pierre.dk chain’s Swedish company, Pierre Billackering AB, consists of 15 lacquers.

The pierre.dk group, Europe’s most modern, has entered into an agreement with the owners of Järfälla Billackering AB in Järfälla, Anders Gustavsson and Christer Palldin, who sell their paint center to Pierre Billackering AB – the Swedish subsidiary in pierre.dk Autolakering A/S.
Thus, pierre.dk is currently running 15 Swedish lacquers, which is a truly unique achievement, since it was only seven years since the Danish company made its entrance in Sweden.